An activated majority in the united states

Our democracy is broken. But people across the country are building a powerful movement to reimagine how our democracy can work for all people. With frontline communities and basic human rights under attack, there is an urgent need to rebuild a democracy that includes and protects everyone. Now is the time to connect grassroots leaders with skills, resources and coaching to build local power.

We need new ways to engage, act and connect with each other.

Join Rhize, in collaboration with Action Group Network, for Resistance 101, a training helps people who are leading the fight for a reimagined U.S. democracy build effective action-based communities. Our goal is for all people to participate in this emerging movement in creative and dynamic ways. Organizing is hard to sustain. With the support of Rhize coaches, grassroots leaders like you will get the skills to turn your vision of a better tomorrow into a reality.

Attend a Resistance 101 training to jumpstart your learning and connect with a coach. Together, we can transform our society into a more open, inclusive and just democracy. Are you ready?

step 1—join us for resistance 101: 

Resistance 101 is a free training designed to connect everyday citizens like you with skills, resources, and coaching so you can resist long term. You’ll learn:

  • How your story fits into our current political context;

  • How to plan strategic actions; and

  • How to build participation in your local efforts. 


With Resistance 101, we don’t stop at training. Each participant is connected with a dedicated and experienced coach who is available to support you long term as you develop strategies, plan actions, and tackle challenges head on.

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Change isn't going to happen overnight. Organizing can be hard and lonely. Rhize’s five regional U.S. coaches are available not just to train but to provide ongoing guidance on leading and proven strategies, connect you to needed resources so we can create a resistance effort that is stronger than the sum of its parts.

Meet The Rhize U.S. Hub Coaches

kei williams—northeast regional coach

Kei Williams is a queer transmasculine identified community organizer with #BlackLivesMatter, NYC Chapter. Kei is currently the Community of Practice Project Coordinator with Movement Netlab, a practice-centered ‘think-make-and-do tank’. A self-taught visual artist and graphic designer, Kei assists small businesses and nonprofit organizations th communications, marketing, and social media. Kei centers their work on those most marginalized in society: transgender persons and those who suffer from mental illness.

Kei is passionate about film, travel, food, mellow-hop music, and their city – rooklyn. witter: @BlackBoiKei

rukia lumumba—southeast regional coach

Rukia Lumumba is the founding director of the People’s Advocacy Center, a non-profit dedicated to the belief that all community members have a right to engage fully in the operation of government, including the proposal, creation and implementation of laws and institutions that impact their lives. Before founding the People’s Advocacy Center she served as Director of Youth Programs at CASES and the Center for Community Alternatives where she focused on issues of criminal/juvenile system and service transformation. She also represented children against staff abuse and inhumane living conditions within juvenile facilities. She served on the leadership team of her father, Chokwe Lumumba’s successful campaign for mayor of Jackson, Mississippi; and she is Co-Coordinator of her brother, Chokwe A. Lumumba’s campaign for mayor in 2017.

toni reyes—southwest regional coach

Toni Reyes has been a community activist for almost 30 years. As ayoung mother, Toni became involved in the movement for social justice, as a bus driver for the San Antonio Independent SchoolDistrict. Throughout her career, Toni has served as a union president, organizer, labor representative, and chief negotiator, fighting for the right of working people throughout the United States. Toni has developed long-lasting relationships with local and state-level policymakers as an advocate for public sector workers. Toni has developed best practices to organize workers in Right-to- Work states.

Toni is the proud mother of three children and is honored to be the grandmother to two little girls. Toni resides in San Antonio, Texas.

kathy circle.png

kathy hoang—west coast regional coach

Kathy has a BA from the University of Connecticut with dual study in Economics and Human Rights, trained as an organizer with UNITE HERE Local 6 in New York City, and currently serves as the Director of the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Los Angeles.

Kathy has over a decade of experience in movement-building, organizing, policy campaigns, union campaigns, member engagement, workforce development, labor law enforcement, community and coalition-building, civic engagement, and leadership development. She also volunteers as the Executive Vice President of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO chapter in Los Angeles and as a Training Fellow for the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute. Kathy speaks English and Cantonese.

sophia lanz-weil—pacific northwest regional coach

Sophia Lanza-Weil began organizing as a high school student to tackle issues of homophobic violence at her school.  Building off that early experience, Sophia has organized across the United States over the last 15 years, working with Unions, interfaith networks, Jewish organizations, and grassroots organizing projects from MA to CA–and many states in-between.  Sophia has been involved in a range of crucial fights, including comprehensive immigration reform; defending and expanding queer and trans rights; funding public education; divesting from prisons to invest in communities; and working with other white folks to unlearn and dismantle white supremacy and racism. 
A WFR and street medic, as well as a theatre artist and student, Sophia supports a diversity of tactics that lead to transformation and liberation.

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