The Rhize Movement Methodology

What is a movement? 

A nonviolent social movement tackles systemic injustices through sustained activation of diverse communities over time. People unite under a common purpose and use collective action to alter current power structures and transform their society.

The catalyst-to-coach pipeline

Rhize brings together proven strategies from historic movements with digital tools to create an expansive network of changemakers working to build a more equal and democratic world. We support movements by coaching emerging movement leaders, training organizations and connecting everyone to a global ecosystem of movement support:


Rhize coaches emerging social movements by connecting grassroots leaders with coaches who are veteran activists. These coaches support movements in real time and help connect them to a global ecosystem of support.

Apply for our coaching corps to support emerging movements.


Are you grappling with how to connect your organization's work with movements? Rhize trains organizations to adopt a “Movement Mindset” that helps deploy time, talent, and treasure to better effect positive change in the world.

Bring a movement mindset to your organization.


Movements are taking back democracy and challenging the status quo starting from the bottom up. With your help they can leverage people-power to end injustices and create social change in their communities.

Join our global network of allies to support movements right now.


When connected—catalysts, institutions, coaches, allies—we create a global ecosystem of support for growing movements around the world.

By developing participatory leaders at all levels of society, we create the capacity for movements to scale action and impact.



Rhize works with nonviolent movements to build active, diverse participation so that societies have the democratic capacities to create sustainable change. Unlike any other organization, we work almost exclusively with the grassroots rather than formalized organizations. We target already-activated catalysts, who request our support and help them connect with each other.

In turn, we train new coaches, connect movements to each other and to our global network of allies, where they now have a larger community of support. 


Rhize has a state-of-the-art curriculum that walks with catalysts and institutions to develop more holistic, participatory and human-centered approaches to social change that works participants through practical applications of its three core pillars: movement identity, participatory leadership and strategic action.  Click here to see a more complete breakdown of the content.