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Movements thrive when they have the right resources and support along the way. We need a strong sector of organizations, foundations and social enterprises who are fluent in movement building and understand how to best support today’s movements through new capacities, participatory architecture, technology and innovative funding models.

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We train movement supporters to develop a “Movement Mindset”, which means putting a Collective Civic Participation Framework into practice.

This means:

  • Conducting trainings for staff at all levels of the organization to learn how to more strategically support, such as our work with CARE;

  • Training beneficiaries to strengthen their movements, like our work in Uganda;

  • Researching movements to better understand who and where they are and what they need, such as our recent Understanding Activism report;

  • Developing new strategies for organizations to make their work more participatory and to use resources more efficiently, through digital tools and activation strategies such as our work with Hollaback!;

  • Connecting organizations so that they can more efficiently and effectively exchange best practices as well as capacities and assets.

The civil society sector is struggling to adapt to a landscape increasingly dominated by networks and social movements, as we prove in our recent research, The New Global Citizen: Harnessing Youth Leadership to Reshape Civil Society. We have also created a blueprint for how organizations can adapt using the Collective Civic Participation Framework and work with them to guide them through.

Case Studies


Rhize has partnered with CARE to create a new course that teaches NGO staff at all levels of the organization the core elements of movement-building and how create the capacities to best support them. We are building on this course and making it available to all types of organizations.


Rhize worked with a partner organization to conduct a training for civil society leaders and activists in Uganda, who are building a movement for a more inclusive, nonviolent, democratic society. Rhize conducted a 10-day training and continues to support these activists. We are also working with another organization to train movement leaders to become coaches.


Hollaback is a driving force behind the movement to end harassment in public spaces, including on the streets and online. Rhize worked with them to conduct an audit of their programs and devise a strategy for how to grow their grassroots support around the world.

Past partners include: