About the Rhize Coaching Corps

The Rhize Coaching Corps (RCC) is a community of Coaches that provide assistance to nonviolent social and political movements around the world in the form of training, advice, mentoring and connecting them with individuals and groups willing to offer further assistance and help. They form a decentralized global network of experienced movement-builders, positioned around the world, to coach leaders of emerging movements in the proven strategies and skills of successful movements. Coaches train activists, connect movements across borders and regions, and in the process develop new coaches thus furthering the RCC’s reach and impact. They help to track the nonlinear development of movements around the world, connect catalysts to needed resources outside of their communities and evolve the “citizens’ learning curve” for successful movement-building.

The RCC is not just a program but the foundation of Rhize’s ecosystem of support for social movements. The innovation of this model lies in the key replicating feature of the system that will allow the Coaching Corps to grow in order to meet the ever-increasing demand coming from movements worldwide, which is carried out through the Rhize Coaching Fellowship. The Fellowship connects veteran coaches from historic movements to emerging catalysts to learn from their experience and adapt proven frameworks to new circumstances. Ultimately, we are building a global cooperative of premiere activists who can support movements’ development, professionalize their skills and evolve the citizen’s learning curve and, ultimately, the field of people-powered change.


The coaching corp will be a “guild” of sorts -- a collective of experienced coaches who speak a common language around movement building, a living and growing repository of best practices and skills  who can virtually and in-person support movements and the development of new coaches. Coaches will be called upon at times to deploy to run trainings, support a movement at a key moment, support a coaching fellow. These are opportunities for coaches to continue to grow and learn. Coaches are compensated for their time at a market rate.

The baseline commitment for coaches is, as follows, however coaches may be able to contribute different amounts at different times:

  1. Train and mentor Coaching Fellows (coaches in training who can ultimately hold their own trainings without the support of another coach)
  2. Connect movements and catalysts within those movements and be active members of Rhize’s digital platform that connects movements around the world
  3. Distill best practices that are recorded and brought into the Rhize methodology and shared across its digital network
  4. Deploy to conduct trainings in different parts of the world, as available and/or as demanded.
  5. Provide advice, assistance, and mentoring over time to movements they are engaged with.


The Rhize Coaching Corps is a team of coaches in constant communication with each other. The Coaching Corps is a guild—a decentralized, horizontal network of coaches that communicate and evolve best practices in movement-building, based on regular interactions with Catalysts and movements around the world. Coaches who are part of the Coaching Corps may be actively engaged in supporting movements over the long-term or called upon at key moments to support in short term capacities.

Rhize is recruiting a team of coaches to form the foundation of this coaching corps and help launch it into the world. To do this, we are looking for experienced coaches who are excited about bringing something new into the world. We are not just looking for great movement-builders, we are looking for dynamic thinkers who can help bring this vision to life, help troubleshoot, and are excited about passing on their knowledge to others and growing this “guild”.

We are calling upon current and veteran activists to apply to be a part of our pilot group of coaches who will form the foundation of this game changing network. You are serving as the core group of elite coaches who are designing and developing a new way to support movements and develop a global eco-system of knowledge and resources. This takes maximum commitment to the vision and potential. We want you to take ownership and but also work as part of a core team to make this happen.

We are looking for coaches with the following attributes:

  1. Experience
    • Street Cred: Has played a leadership role in at least one movement, defined as a growing group of people who exercise power through collective action to create transformational societal change. This experience in organizing and/or activism ensures they can use personal experience and stories in coaching and that they have personally experienced common challenges movement builders face around the world such as building unity, facing repression etc.
    • A born coach/trainer/teacher: Enjoys and has experience in training other leaders within your movement and potentially in other movements, can facilitate meetings and workshops and is comfortable dealing with challenging group dynamics.
    • Inspire, Connect, Recruit: Knows how to recruit new people into an action and help others build ownership and commitment for a common purpose
  2. Embodies the Rhize Ethic
    • Fundamentally understands and believes in the power of movements to create systemic change
    • Understands and believes in the Rhize concept* and core principles** and is willing and excited to represent this publicly. This means a firm belief in the power of people to transform social and political systems through collective action. Most importantly, this means embodying an attitude of building active, sustained participation in order to be able to learn and internalize the Rhize methodology***.
    • Understands active participation and recruitment of people and identification of people with potential
    • Social Justice: Understands how privilege and systems of power play a role in both defining movements and societies and understands
    • Inclusive Politics: Has progressive, inclusive political views with the ability to tolerate other political views but can also stand up against exclusionary or extremist views of any kind
  3. Willing to learn and iterate and evolve current day movement frameworks
  4. Good communicator who will use and develop a network and develop best practices
  5. Possesses critical skills that can be built upon
    • Proficiency in English - ability to write, read and speak English in order to be able to communicate with other Coaches and Rhize.
    • Facilitation - ability to captivate and lead a group through a process
    • Interpersonal - ability to deal with different individuals
    • Cross-cultural competencies - ability to work with different cultures and distinguish strategic differences from cultural contexts and can translate experience to different contexts
    • Writing - ability to write concisely and to the point in order to communicate amongst other coaches and to catalysts
    • Oratory - ability to present clearly in front of a group

If this describes you, and you’re interested in learning more, please complete an application today and we will be in touch.