Erin Mazursky, Founder & CEO

Maz is a lifelong activist and brings over a fifteen years of experience in movement-building, organizing, technology, human rights and advocacy to her work. She found her passion for movements as a student activist in the anti-genocide movement in the early 2000s and went on to work with close to 30 movements in 25 countries around the world. She started Rhize because she saw the potential of movements to create transformative change through greater connection and access to learning across geographies, languages and cultures. Before starting Rhize, Maz worked in and around movement spaces with organizations such as the Alliance for Youth Movements, Purpose, Save Darfur Coalition, AmeriCorps VISTA, Hollaback!, Breakthrough, and New Organizing Institute. She worked on Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and went on to serve in the Obama Administration as the first Youth Advisor at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). She has published articles in publications like the Waging Nonviolence, The Hill, and Foreign Policy and served as a Practitioner-in-Residence at the Sie Center for International Security and Policy at the University of Denver.


Mariam Azeem, Director of Movement Support & Learning

Mariam Azeem lives and works in Islamabad, Pakistan and has a background and passion for working with youth, women, gender and sexual minorities. In 2010, through collaboration with Ministry of Human Rights, SIDA and a national youth organization, she launched a national human rights education program that covered 41 districts of Pakistan, including Azad and Jammu Kashmir. Mariam played a vital role in drafting first ever transgender human rights bill that was recently passed in the parliament in Pakistan. She has a passion for using informal education and popular education techniques to support youth and marginalized communities across Pakistan and around the world. She is a renowned civil resistance trainer whose work focuses on transformational leadership, human rights education, nonviolent conflict and creating participatory and accountable citizenship and democracy. She received her certification in human rights education from Council of Europe in 2010 and further nurtured her skills from Equitas in 2012. In 2016, through support of Learning Initiative Network fund, she initiated series of first ever trainings on subject of nonviolent civil resistance and movement building to create understanding and importance of inclusive and participatory democracy and citizenship and demand deep, transparent and accountable democracy in Pakistan.

alice headshot.png

alice duesdieker, Operations manager

Alice comes to Rhize from a background in nonprofit tech, community management, communications, programmatic work, and Middle Eastern Studies. In addition to her nonprofit experience, Alice has spent two years living in Egypt and speaks Arabic fluently. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Alice is also passionate about making SF’s streets more bike-friendly and swing dancing.


Pauline Bunt, Administrative Assistant

Pauline brings over thirty years of experience of project management and administrative support to Rhize. She is also an avid dog lover, has produced an award-winning horror film and in her spare time, composes music with her husband (available on iTunes)!


board of directors


Nada Zohdy, chair of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Runs the OpenGov Hub, the world's first open government-themed coworking community and a network of nearly 40 organizations citizen participation around the globe.


Geoffrey Opio Atim, Board of Directors

Geoffrey is a Program Officer for Open Society in East Africa’s Health and Rights Program. He has a background in civil society research and has worked with both national and international organizations, most recently working on large-scale health governance programme in Uganda. He is as passionate about social movements and their roles in transparency and accountability.

Anh-Thu Nguyen-circle.png

Anh-Thu Nguyen, Board of Directors

Anh-Thu currently serves as a Director of Special Projects for the Democracy at Work Initiative, where she provides consulting, education and technical assistance to emerging worker cooperatives and developers throughout New York City. Her work has encompassed international human rights, social enterprise, and sustainable fashion. She began her career with the UN Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials (UNAKRT), and has launched and consulted on several conscious beauty and fashion brands, including being on the founding team of MAKE Beauty. She studied Classics and Government at Georgetown University and received her JD from the University of Texas School of Law.


Brendan Halloran, BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Senior Fellow in the International Budget Partnership’s Strategy and Learning Team; former Transparency and Accountability initiative, leading the program’s impact and learning stream.


Ryan Sparrow, Board Treasurer

Ryan currently serves as Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Andor Consulting, a firm that specializes in bridging the gap between people, data, and design. Before starting Andor, Ryan served as the Director of Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research at the City University of New York’s School of Law and has a long history of designing information management systems for organizations of higher education. When not geeking out over spreadsheets and financial management, Ryan supports the amazing, world-renowned band, Tuelo.