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Daylong workshop: building a movement mindset

Monday 6 November 2017—Faircity Roodevallei Conferencing Center

Ahead of CampaignCon, join Rhize for a daylong intensive on movement theory and how your organization’s campaigns can better support grassroots movements to sustain action and momentum.

Rhize supports emerging grassroots social movements in fifteen countries around the world through its Global Coaching Corps of experienced movement activists, and, and we know that movements thrive when they have the right resources and support along the way. This course builds on Rhize’s recently released research, Understanding Activism, that details what activists really needs to succeed in today’s increasingly challenging civic contexts.

Your work can play a critical role in supporting grassroots activists if we take more of a “movement mindset” to supporting civil society. Developing a “movement mindset” will help you adopt approaches that are more responsive, flexible and nimble in support of what activists need.

If you and your colleagues have been grappling with the best ways in which to support movements—whether through campaigning, programming, or even overall strategy—you don’t want to miss this workshop.

You will come away with:

  1. The basic “ecology” of movements and how to understand your work in the broader scheme of a longer term struggle;

  2. A different understanding of political and social power and tools that will lead you to more creative campaign and advocacy strategies;

  3. How to map the movement landscape in your context and work with movement leaders who may not fit the traditional profile of more formal, non-profit leaders; and

  4. How to support movement leaders in the three core tenets of successful movements: (1) Grow the number of community members actively participating in change (2) Increase the number of actions that people take (3) Build long-term strategy that helps movements build beyond any one action.

  5. An action plan for integrating a Movement Mindset into your work and being a more effective advocate for movements on the frontlines of today’s biggest social issues.


Tuition is $250 USD. This cost covers workshop materials along with breakfast, lunch, snack and accommodation for Sunday night if you are traveling from out of town.

Rhize is committed to creating equitable access to each of our courses. Scholarships will be made available on an as-needed basis. Please contact rachel[at]rhize.org to discuss payment options and scholarship availability.

Register today to bring new and proven strategies to your work using a movement-building framework to increase your reach and impact!

meet the instructor and facilitator

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Erin Mazursky

Erin “Maz” Mazursky is the founder and Executive Director of Rhize. Maz brings over a decade of experience in movement-building, technology and advocacy to her work, having worked with over thirty social and political movements in twenty-five countries around the world—from Uganda and Colombia to India and Albania. Maz started Rhize after serving as a strategist at Purpose, a social enterprise that incubates and launches global social and consumer movements. There, Maz helped to lead some of Purpose’s biggest projects, most notably with the American Civil Liberties Union and CARE International. She was an organizer for the Alliance for Youth Movements, bringing together close to thirty movements to develop best practices around technology and movement-building. . Prior to this, Maz worked for President Obama’s 2008 election campaign and went on to serve as the Youth Advisor at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), where she helped author the first global policy on youth development and made youth a central part of the Agency’s broader development efforts. Maz got her start as a leader in the student anti-genocide movement, co-founding the STAND coalition, which built a grassroots student movement that spanned over 1000 communities in thirty countries.

scovia arinaitwe

Scovia Arinaitwe is a Rhize coach based in Uganda. Most recently, she has served as a coordinator of the women's movement in Uganda. She is also a trainer in nonviolent resistance at Solidarity Uganda. Under Scovia’s training and coaching, she’s been able to connect over 2,000 activists with movement-building training.

understanding activism: how international ngos, foundations and others can provide better support to social movements

Rhize’s new report Understanding Activismanalyzes the realities of activists in order to inform how allies can better support nonviolent social movements.

Activists are struggling for open, democratic societies across the globe with access to few resources and little support. The concentration of existing support often comes from external actors—foreign governments, foundations, nongovernmental organizations, and private individuals—yet there has been insufficient research on how activists experience this support, until now. Understanding Activism breaks new ground by combining first-person accounts from activists with quantitative data across closed, semi-closed, and closing societies in order to understand the current support available to activists in contrast with what activists actually want.

Understanding Activism provides critical insights into practices that can be adopted across civil society to ensure more effective support to nonviolent movements at the forefront of securing inclusive, participatory democracies.

Click here to learn more about the research and download the report… but don’t forget to register first!