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Zimbabwe’s Liberation Paves the Way for All of Us

Zimbabwe’s Liberation Paves the Way for All of Us

Joyous barely begins to explain the feeling we share with our friends in the struggle for a peaceful and democratic Zimbabwe!!!

For 37 years, Robert “Uncle Bob” Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist, giving legitimacy to his authoritarian friends in Angola, Uganda, Rwanda, Swaziland, Sudan… to name just a few.

But a new day for Zimbabwe and potentially for others living under similar rulers on the African continent has come. Today, Zimbabwe! Tomorrow… there is new hope for all!

U.S. democracy isn't going to rebuild itself!


With the support of 6 incredible U.S. coaches, Rhize is launching Resistance 101 trainings across the country. This free training helps people who are leading the fight for a reimagined U.S. democracy build effective action-based communities. Our goal is for all people to participate in this emerging movement in creative and dynamic ways. Organizing is hard to sustain. With the support of Rhize coaches, grassroots leaders like you will get the skills to turn your vision of a better tomorrow into a reality.

Our democracy isn't going to rebuild itself. Sign up for a training and learn how you can bring power back to the people.

$50,000 for movement support!

Thanks to a generous Rhize supporter, we've received a matching grant. Every dollar up to $25,000 will be matched. And if $50,000 isn't a good way to start off the new year, we don't know what is.

In all seriousness, this opportunity is game-changing. We at Rhize have big plans for 2017, and with this donation we can make our plans a reality. In 2017 we'll be supporting more movements than ever before because, if we learned anything in 2016, it is that movement-building can change the world. 

We are so glad to see supporters who value social movements as much as we do. By the looks of the current political situation around the world, we need social movements now more than ever. Consider helping us reach our goal by donating today. Bringing power back to people in the new year is going to take all of us.

Sungu and the Story of Kenyans for Tax Justice

This grassroots organization was launched in 2013, by Sungu, Antony, and Victoria to campaign against a bill that would levy heavy taxation on basic commodities. They have since spread their scope to support communities living in low income areas and informal settlements in Nairobi to address how taxation policies directly and indirectly affect the lives of these residents.