Ugandan Court Ruling Could Secure President's Rule for Life

In December of 2017, Uganda’s parliament moved to remove an article of the country’s constitution that capped a president from serving past age 75. This past week a constitutional ruling upheld the December decision. It’s believed that this action was prompted to keep current president, 73 year old Yoweri Museveni, in power for life. The ruling sparked widespread protests from opposed lawmakers and social rights groups across the country.

The most recent ruling, although ending age limits for presidents, also nullified the extension of term limits. Museveni has been president since 1986, and in 2005 Ugandan legislators removed term limits for presidents, allowing Museveni to continue his rule.

While the nullification is a step in the right direction, the removal of an age limit has sparked protests and action to fight the decision. Opposition party Forum for Democratic Change has initiated the announcing and planning country-wide protests. Our Rhize coaches and activists in Uganda have also been mobilizing around this issue, tirelessly working to institute more executive checks and call attention to this governmental bias and abuse of power.