Looking back at 2017

EOY infographic V7.png

We are emerging from 2017 with a bigger community than ever before. There are so many stories to tell, but here are some of our favorite highlights:

  • Recruited 17 coaches from 11 countries into our network
  • Conducted over 80 trainings across the globe
  • Welcomed over 2500 catalysts and allies into our community
  • Launched our African Coaching Corps with 8 coaches in 6 countries
  • Grew to a staff of 12 in 6 countries
  • Piloted a U.S. Resistance program, holding 47 trainings throughout the country
  • Held our first Global Gathering, connecting coaches from 14 different countries
  • And saw nonviolent grassroots movements collaborating and coming together around the world to strengthen their work in immeasurable ways!

We are so grateful to our community that believed in us and made this growth possible. With the Rhize community growing, we're getting ready to support more movements than ever before! In 2018 we have even bigger plans to train and connect thousands more in nonviolent action and movement-building and give more allies an opportunity to support movements more deeply.

Interested in helping us grow? Consider giving the gift of Rhize this holiday season.