What do activists really need to win?

Activism is under attack, and Rhize’s groundbreaking report, Understanding Activism, has the data proving that civil society is part of the problem but can also be a part of the solution. In interviewing over 1100 activists from ten countries, the research reveals what activists really need to be more effective as well as how external actors can play a role in doing more good than harm.

On Tuesday, December 5th, Rhize will be joined by an incredible panel of activists for our event "What activists really need to win" where we will start the conversation about how civil society can put this data into action and provide better movement support.

Meet our Panelists

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Daniel Fermin 

Daniel coordinated Understanding Activism data collection and research in Venezuela. Daniel is a scholarly activist, focused on rebuilding Venezuelan democracy and promoting social change through the force of new ideas. Sociologist, Researcher for the Center for Political Studies at Andrés Bello Catholic University in Caracas, Venezuela. Currently attending Graduate Studies in Politics at The New School for Social Research.

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Kei Williams 

Kei is a queer transmasculine identified who has spent the past 4-years organizing with Black Lives Matter (NYC Chapter). They currently work with Movement NetLab as Strategic Network Coordinator and is an Organizer-In-Residence at Civic Hall. They have also held healing space with Harriet's Apothecary as a Freedom School Warrior. Centering those who are queer, gender non-binary and transgender, and those who suffer from mental illness, the aims of their work is to transform the culture from individual to a systemic analysis of structural racism. Being a lead-organizer on campaigns such as #SwipeItForward and #TransLiberationTuesday, Kei meets the people where they are and believes in on-the-ground organizing.

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Duy "Dan" Hoang 

Dan is an organizer with Viet Tan, an unsanctioned Vietnamese pro-democracy organization with members inside Vietnam and among the diaspora. Dan is responsible for Viet Tan's international advocacy and grassroots mobilization, both online and offline.


Interested in Joining Us?

If you're based in New York City, join us at Civic Hall on Tuesday, December 5th at 1pm. You can find more information and RSVP here.

Not based in New York City? No worries! We'll be live-streaming this event to our Facebook page. Tune in live at 1pm, ET on Tuesday, December 5th, to submit your questions and comments to the panelists. After the event, the recording will live on our Facebook page, and you can view it at any time.