See you at CampaignCon?

For the second year in a row, Rhize is heading to CampaignCon as a co-convener. We're excited to join this vibrant, global community of activists, digital campaigners and more to share ideas, co-create and find best practices through true participatory exploration of campaigning theory and practice. Will we see you in South Africa this November?

CampaignCon will run from November 7-9 in Johannesburg. Rhize is excited to join representatives from social movements, international NGOs and everything in between. At CampaignCon we will gather to share ideas, co-create and hone good practices through participatory exploration of modern campaigning theory and practice.

Rhize has the incredible opportunity to help connect members of our community with this opportunity to attend the conference. We know our community has rich perspectives to contribute to the ongoing learning and sharing at CampaignCon. You can learn more and look into registration details on the website:

Let us know if you register so we can keep an eye out for you at the conference!