How You Can Take Action RIGHT NOW

Dearest Allies:

Many of you have asked us - What now? This is an invitation to stand with the movements that are the strongest resistance to the targeted violence and repression threatening the livelihoods of so many across the US. As of today, our Facebook page will serve as a repository for meaningful actions that people can take to fight for inclusive, people-powered democracy.

Follow our page and then invite 10 of your friends to do the same. The goal is for as many people as possible to unite around our common struggles, support one another’s work, and know where to go for strategic action, as our civil liberties come under attack and hate crimes expand across the US.

Together, we can harness the unprecedented outpouring of love, hope and activation over the past week to build the most unified “movement of movements” the US and the world has ever seen, one that connects and centers the struggles of marginalized peoples most at risk.

Rhize’s mission has always been to support the social movements on the frontlines of today’s biggest struggles. We help movements for justice, inclusivity and equity stand against those who seek to exclude and discriminate. We are not an organization that works directly in politics, but make no mistake: The change we seek is political.

While we encourage people to take any form of nonviolent action that you feel expresses your concerns, we will be curating a list of actions, focused on bolstering and scaling true movement-building efforts. We will curate actions using the following criteria, and we welcome activated people everywhere to share with us what you are doing so we can amplify your work.  

Actions that promote the three pillars of effective movement-building:

  1. Unity: Puts the struggles of all targeted and marginalized communities at the center of our work so that we can build common purpose around the understanding that no one is liberated until we are all are.

  2. Community-Building: Uses collective action to grow strong communities committed to strengthening our nonviolent movements.

  3. Strategic Action: Employs acts of resistance or direct actions that undermine repression or hateful or violent actions.

We are here for everyone that understands we are all in this together. No action is a silver bullet, but working collectively will ensure each one adds up to a sum greater than its parts. Rhize’s role is to support, amplify and grow the important work being done in all vulnerable communities across the country. We look forward to continuing to carry out our mission as a resource to people everywhere, determined to make a difference.

As a first action, please share this letter and ask people to share our Facebook page so we can get as many people as possible to support the important work of amazing movements across the country (and the world). But there will be many more to come!

With love and determination,

Erin Mazursky
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Rhiz