Sungu and the Story of Kenyans for Tax Justice

This grassroots organization was launched in 2013, by Sungu, Antony, and Victoria to campaign against a bill that would levy heavy taxation on basic commodities. They have since spread their scope to support communities living in low income areas and informal settlements in Nairobi to address how taxation policies directly and indirectly affect the lives of these residents.

They applied for the Rhize fellowship in order to reorganize their approach to community organizing while connecting with and learning from other organizers standing up to oppressive systems in their communities. During the fellowship crisis struck and one of their friends and fellow activists was abducted the day before a planned rally. Their friend was ultimately found alive but badly beaten, 10 hours away from Nairobi, but it was obvious their security was at risk and strategies needed to be recalculated.

Rhize on the Ground

With the movement at this critical juncture, Erin and Sungu decided a training in Kenya would be the most effective way to get him and his team the skills they needed to navigate such a precarious situation. Erin then spent 7 days training alongside a security expert which resulted in safer, more organized, and effective operations for Kenyans for Tax Justice.

While working with Sungu and the security expert, Erin recognized they not only had the tools to lead their own movements but the skills to teach others how to do the same. To put them on the path to coaches, Erin invited Sungu and Mumbi, another Kenyans for Tax Justice activist, to Uganda to lead a training there.

Success of the Rhize Model

Sungu's growth from movement leaders to coaches is a direct result of the fellowship model Rhize has put together. It’s affirmation of the vision on which Rhize was created that through access to tools and trainings we can dramatically scale the number of people powered movements all over the world.

We’ve done all of this on a shoestring budget and have even bigger plans for 2016. So we hope you’ll support our endeavors next year with a donation that can be used to continue to allow people like Sungu to fomentferment real change in their communities.