Rhize coaches movements, trains organizations and connects everyone to a global ecosystem of movement support.


A connective, underground roots network that grows continuously and can sprout to the surface from any node. 

Movements Matter.

People-powered movements unite and activate diverse communities and build more inclusive, democratic societies unlike any other vehicle for change. But, the catalytic leaders sparking movements need the right tools and resources to achieve maximum impact.

What's Rhizing Up...

Rhize’s global Coaching Corps builds movements’ capacity with strategic support. Catalysts learn from coaches and build upon expertise of past movements, eventually becoming coaches themselves—perpetuating and strengthening people-powered systems.

Rhize trains mission-driven businesses, NGOs, or social enterprises to adopt a “Movement Mindset” that helps deploy time, talent, and treasure to better effect positive change in the world.

Join our global network of allies. As an individual or institution you have an opportunity to engage right now to support movements that matter to you.