Understanding Activism is a research study, initiated by Rhize, with partners including Atlantic Council, to explore the experiences and hopes of activists in ten countries and the role outside organizations, networks, governments and institutions have played in their work. 

More specifically we examined these key questions:

  • What is the prevalence of different kinds of support from outside actors to activists in closed, semi-closed and closing civic spaces?

  • How do activists perceive and judge the contribution (positive and negative) of different kinds of support from outside actors?

  • What kinds of support from outside actors are activists seeking?

The research was animated by an interest in understanding better what social movements need and how public and private organizations providing support from overseas can be more supportive to their causes.  The study aims to help Rhize and other organizations take a more data-driven approach to supporting the growing number of people-powered movements around the world. Most importantly, it places activists' experiences at front and centre of understanding the reality and needs of social movements.

The research has been conducted, and a full report is due in fall of 2016. Sign up, and you will receive an email once it has been released.