let's change the way we support movements.

Movements thrive when they have the right resources and support along the way. Register for Rhize’s course Movement Building for Social Change Professionals to better understand how to support grassroots movements through the work of your NGO, foundation, philanthropy, or advocacy organization.

Starting autumn 2017, this 8-week course helps you to better understand how to develop a “movement mindset” in your work. If you and your colleagues have been grappling with the best ways in which to support movements -- whether through programming, philanthropy or even overall strategy -- you don’t want to miss this course.

You will learn:

  1. The basic “ecology” of movements and how to understand your work in the broader scheme of a longer term struggle;

  2. How to identify movement leaders who may not fit the traditional profile of more formal, non-profit leaders; and

  3. How to support movement leaders in the three core tenets of successful movements: (1) Grow the number of community members actively participating in change (2) Increase the number of actions that people take (3) Build long-term strategy that helps movements build beyond any one action.

You will be taught by some of the most effective and experienced movement coaches in the world. Coaches may include:


héctor castañon

Hector holds an MSc in development planning and management and a PhD in social anthropology. His expertise is on participatory planning for community development. He works with communities and civil society organizations to mobilize local capacities for social change in México. Is cofounder of Tómala.Mx and does research on emergent movements.

dmytro potekhin

Dmytro is former policy analyst of the embassy of Japan to Ukraine who left the embassy in 2000 to join street protests against the authoritarian regime. He started and managed the key US-funded fair vote project of the 2004 Orange Revolution. Dmytro currently runs Nonviolent.Solutions Agency, coordinates CivicOS.net data project and is contracted by the Stanford University to develop a democracy information exchange tool.

janet cherry

Janet is an activist of the South African liberation movement, having gained experience in the 1980s in both underground and above-ground organization and mobilization against the apartheid regime. Since then she haa worked as an activist in ecosocialist, human rights and anti-war movements, in international solidarity movements including Palestine, and as a trainer in strategic nonviolence and civil resistance with activists from a number of countries including Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Egypt and Sierra Leone. Janet is currently a professor in Development Studies at the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, engaged in action research on sustainable development and democratic participation, and teaching a Masters course in 'Social movements and social change'.

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