let's change the way we support movements.

Daylong workshop: Movement Building for Social Change Professionals

Monday 6 November 2017—Nairobi, Kenya

Ahead of Campaign Con, join Rhize for a daylong workshop on movement theory and how your campaigns can better support grassroots movements. Rhize has worked with 19 movements in 18 countries over the past three years, and we know that movements thrive when they have the right resources and support along the way. Your work can play a critical role in supporting movements.

This workshop helps you to better understand how to develop a “movement mindset” in your work. If you and your colleagues have been grappling with the best ways in which to support movements—whether through campaigning, programming, or even overall strategy—you don’t want to miss this workshop.

You will learn:

  1. The basic “ecology” of movements and how to understand your work in the broader scheme of a longer term struggle;

  2. How to identify movement leaders who may not fit the traditional profile of more formal, non-profit leaders; and

  3. How to support movement leaders in the three core tenets of successful movements: (1) Grow the number of community members actively participating in change (2) Increase the number of actions that people take (3) Build long-term strategy that helps movements build beyond any one action.

Register today, and you’ll be one step closer to working with some of the most effective and experienced movement coaches in the world, including:

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erin mazursky

Erin is the founder and Executive Director of Rhize. Erin brings over a decade of experience in movement-building, technology and advocacy to her work, having worked with social and political movements around the world, including in Turkey, India, and Albania. Erin started Rhize after serving as a strategist at Purpose, a social enterprise that incubates and launches global social and consumer movements. There, Erin helped to lead some of Purpose’s biggest projects, most notably with the American Civil Liberties Union and CARE International, which integrated movement-building, technology and citizen advocacy to increase the social impact. Prior to this, Erin worked for President Obama’s 2008 election campaign and went on to serve as the Youth Advisor at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), where she helped author the first global policy on youth development and made youth a central part of the Agency’s broader development efforts.